With the release of Risk Modeler on the RMS(one)® platform and the Version 17 models this spring, the Exceedance Lab is an excellent opportunity for in-depth engagement with RMS experts. You’ll learn how to create new growth and strengthen your company’s operational effectiveness, agility, and resilience. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a deep dive into our 2017 modeling and software releases!

Solutions and Technology Zone

As new models and technologies are released as part of the RMS(one)® platform, here’s your opportunity to get a clear understanding of our latest offerings and how best to leverage the new models and solutions to meet your business goals. Gain the insights and guidance to help you set a clear strategy for solution design and implementation, and explore the potential of the RMS(one) platform up close with RMS experts to better understand the benefits to your business.
  • SQL Analytics on Risk Modeler

    Get a better understanding of the RMS(one)® platform fundamentals, including data and analytics:

    • Learn more about Risk Data Objects (RDO) and how to use the Analyst Console to interact using SQL-like dictions and syntax
    • Experience how two game-changing innovations – Contract Definition Language (CDL), and Structure Definition Language (SDL) – support more flexible financial instruments and modeling
    • See how the above capabilities work seamlessly to support key use cases for model change management, reinsurance structuring, and portfolio roll-up
  • Exposure Management

    Get hands-on experience with Exposure Manager on the RMS(one)® platform, and see what’s next:

    • Gain insights from exposures and accumulations for a critical aspect of the risk management process
    • Explore the available analytics and the importance of understanding exposed limits
    • Learn how to work with hazard layers, ad hoc accumulation analyses, and risk analysis profiles
  • Risk Modeler

    Get set for the release of Risk Modeler on the RMS(one)® platform:

    • Experience the Risk Modeler workflow, including accessing data, setting up analyses, creating structures, configuring and running the RMS models, and more
    • See how Risk Modeler empowers efficient and transparent model change management, using the new Version 17 RiskLink models
    • Understand the new financial model and experiment with structures, positions, and contract definition language
  • New Analytics

    Don’t miss this preview of the new Risk Enterprise functionality:

    • Gain insight into how the RMS(one)® platform can address complex portfolio structures and contract interactions
    • Work with contract definition language, structures, and positions to understand the new flexibility and scalability for working with hierarchical financials
    • Understand how structures and positions enables large-scale portfolio roll-up and how it drives investigative analytics
  • Access Options

    Learn about best practices for accessing and utilizing RMS technology and information:

    • See how Hosting Plus can provide stability, model access, and reduced downtime
    • Meet the RMS Cloud Operations team to understand the benefits of leveraging the cloud for RMS products and services, including the RMS(one)® platform
    • Discover how RMS Analytical Services can extend and compliment your team’s capabilities, providing data engineering and analytics directly to your business
  • The RMS(one)® Platform

    Questions on how best to adopt the RMS(one) platform? We have answers:

    • Determine how to build your solution roadmap and take the risk out of the adoption journey
    • Learn about important transitional service options including data migration
    • Find out more about our APIs and integration options to help streamline and automate your operations depending on your business, operations, resources, and time frames
    • Learn about our Model Evaluation Program and how it can provide access to the new HD models through the Model Evaluation Environment
  • Analytics for ILS

    New insights into the latest offerings in Miu, the RMS ILS modeling solution:

    • Learn how to enhance your understanding of the risk to ILS contracts
    • See how to run cat bonds and other ILS instruments in real-time to output risk metrics on demand
    • Understand how managers can run bespoke sensitivity analyses to recognize the underlying risk and reduce time to quote
    • Find out how to relate risk to returns with a demonstration of the RMS valuations model for reinsurance

Innovation, Science, and Modeling Zone

With the coming release of Risk Modeler on the RMS(one)® platform, plus our largest model releases to date with Version 17, RMS is poised to align with your business priorities to help achieve your adoption goals in 2017 and beyond. Get access to RMS modeling and software experts who will answer your questions on a range of topics – from Version 17 models and software updates to regional strategies, growth opportunities, and emerging risks, including cyber. We’re here to help you explore the possibilities and make the most of the track sessions!
  • Version 17

    This is your one-stop shop for an overview of everything that Version 17 features, including:

    • Many new and updated models, as well as important new software and geocoding updates
    • Information on performance, supported platforms, installation planning, and documentation
    • How Version 17 fits in with the overall models and data roadmap
  • North America Earthquake Risk

    Get answers to your questions about the new view of risk for the Version 17 North America Earthquake Models:

    • Meet RMS model experts who can discuss the model changes for the United States, Canada, and Mexico
    • Learn the latest on the USGS/Canada/Mexico source models, geotechnical and vulnerability updates, and what this means for your business
    • Enhance your learning from the accompanying track sessions with supplementary material
  • North Atlantic and Hawaii Hurricane Risk

    The latest in-depth analyses and insights on the Version 17 North Atlantic Hurricane Models:

    • Talk one-on-one with RMS hurricane modeling experts to help you jumpstart your change management and validation work
    • Complement your knowledge boost from the track presentations, and get answers to your follow-up questions, including the latest Medium Term Rates
  • Asia Pacific Strategies

    Bring your questions and meet the experts knowledgeable about the Version 17 regional models:

    • Get insights into why the Asia Pacific region is one of the future growth engines for the global (re)insurance industry
    • Talk with experts about the recently released Japan Typhoon and New Zealand Earthquake HD models, and the planned release of the Japan Earthquake HD model
    • Access more detailed information on the upcoming South Korea Typhoon, Taiwan Typhoon and Southeast Asia Earthquake models in Version 17
    • Learn about the OYORMS tsunami model for Japan, based on the RMS Japan Earthquake model event set
  • (Re)insurance in the Caribbean and Latin America

    Get the most recent in-depth analyses and insights on this growing industry:

    • Explore why the insurance industry in the Caribbean and Latin America is rapidly evolving and a major growth region for RMS clients
    • Complement the track sessions on this topic by talking one-on-one with members of the RMS Solutions and Modeling Teams who will give you their insights
  • Managing Global Flood Risk

    Understand your flood risk modeling options and workflow for flooding throughout all regions:

    • Receive hands-on planning from RMS experts tailored to your company’s processes and goals
    • Get guidance and clarity regarding flood modeling best practices, and the methodology of the next generation of RMS flood models
    • Discuss global flood events important to our industry, as well as the latest trends in the market
  • Managing Your Cyber Risk

    Get the full story on how the RMS Cyber Accumulation Management System can help you manage your cyber risk:

    • Find out how your portfolio may have greater exposure to systemic cyber attacks than ever before
    • Learn how the RMS Cyber Accumulation Management System uses a series of deterministic cyber loss models to quantify your cyber exposure and risk
    • Understand the extreme yet plausible scenarios in the RMS Cyber Accumulation Management System, such as a data breach that releases billions of confidential records or an attack on a power grid that leaves millions without power

Resilience Zone

The resilience zone features a variety of important non-profit organizations and social enterprises from around the globe. These organizations will be showing their programs, designed to foster resilience in catastrophe-vulnerable geographies. From New Orleans to Port-au-Prince to Katmandu, see how communities around the world are building a more resilient future – and how the private sector can play a vital role to ensure continued progress.
  • Build Change

    • Build Change designs disaster-resistant houses and schools in emerging nations and trains builders, homeowners, engineers, and government officials to build them
    • Understand how the insurance industry can help foster resilience in catastrophe-prone cities around the world
  • Rebuilding Together

    • Rebuilding Together is transforming the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of homes and revitalizing communities
    • Observe the organization’s strategy and programming for New Orleans as well as the rest of the United States
  • Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS)

    • IBHS conducts innovative research into building science issues that affect the property insurance industry
    • Come learn about their latest breakthroughs in hail-, wildfire-, and wind-related peril research
  • Smart Vent Products, Inc.

    • Smart Vent Products, Inc. has been supporting the floodplain mitigation industry for over 15 years. Their products consist of ICC-ES certified flood vents and point-of-use stored flood barriers that are quickly deployed prior to a potential flood event
    • Learn how the Flood Risk Evaluator (FRE) division analyzes the characteristics of a home or building in the FEMA flood zone to report on necessary steps to lower risk and, therefore, the owner’s flood insurance premium

Horizons Zone

Join us to investigate a set of technical posters that highlight key RMS research advancements. You’ll learn more about the underlying science and drivers of change for Version 17 North America Earthquake, and North Atlantic Hurricane, explore the RMS HD models and the new capabilities they offer, and gain insights into new peril models such as Marine, Cyber, and Wildfire. Representatives from the Model Development team will be available to answer your questions, and discuss lessons learned from recent catastrophes around the globe.